Great Lakes

During the early 2010s, alarmists pointed to a short-term decline in Great Lakes water levels, blamed global warming for the decline, claimed global warming would cause ongoing water declines, and claimed lower water levels were creating a crisis. In the late 2010s, however, Great Lakes water levels fully recovered and reached record highs. Alarmists now claim more water in the Great Lakes is bad and an alarming crisis. Assuming water levels continue their natural variability and reach average conditions again soon, alarmists will likely claim that the return to average water conditions is a crisis, too.

Media Claim Disastrous Higher Wind Speeds – After Claiming Lower Speeds

The Associated Press published – and the Appleton Post-Crescent (Wisconsin) republished today – an article claiming global warming is causing an acceleration of wind speeds with disastrous consequences for the Great Lakes. However, the...

Sorry, Washington Post, Snow and Dogsledding Are Safe in Michigan

A recent Washington Post article about dogsledding in Michigan claims that human caused climate change has reduced the season for racing due to warmer temperatures and less snowpack. Data show that there is no...