Mann, Hayhoe try to erase the Medieval warm period

Alarmists try in vain to make Little Ice Age disappear.

Full Video Posted of CPAC Session on The Climate Hustle

Full video of the CPAC 2021 breakout session on the leftist/alarmist climate hustle has been posted to YouTube. The panel features actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), CFACT’s Marc Morano, and me discussing various aspects of...

The 2022 Heatwave Debunked!

Guest Post by William Balgord The US Environmental Protection Agency publishes information in graphical form (see below) purporting to show a steady increase in records relating to heat waves as having occurred from 1960 to...

Doctored Datasets vs. Temperature Reality (Anthony Watts, ICCC13)

Anthony Watts, senior fellow for environment and climate at The Heartland Institute, speaks on Panel 3: Scientific Observations at The Heartland Institute's Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change.

Science Demonstrates Media Claims the Washington and British Columbia Floods Were Caused by ‘Climate...

Heavy rainfall recently created damaging floods over British Columbia and Northwest Washington, with the town of Sumas, WA hit hard by floodwaters. It didn’t take long for ‘woke’ politicians and the media to start...

Climate Activists Change the Temperature Data – Again – to Fit Alarmist Narrative

Much of the observed warming this past century is artificial, either caused by the urban heat island effect or by dubious adjustments to the actual data reported by surface temperature stations. Christopher Monckton has...

A Single, Serious, Significant Error of Physics (Lord Christopher Monckton, ICCC13)

Lord Christopher Monckton, former advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and renowned mathematician published in peer-reviewed climate journals, presents an afternoon Keynote Address at The Heartland Institute's Thirteenth International Conference on Climate Change.

Presidential Debate #2 Climate Change Reaction

Climate change was a main topic in presidential debate #2. Check out our analysis of what each candidate said. Did Trump win the debate? Did Biden hold his own? Andy Singer discusses these questions...

Dear HuffPo: City Schools Suffer from Aging Buildings, NOT Climate Change

A Huffington Post article suggests that the need for updated air conditioning systems in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other Northeastern schools is because of climate change. This is a misleading  and inaccurate connection to make,...

Harvard study finds wind turbines warm the U.S.

Harvard study finds wind turbines are inefficient and land-intensive, while raising U.S. temperatures. Wind turbines will warm U.S. temperatures for at least the next century. Click Here to Read More

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