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Andy Singer is the Digital Media Manager at The Heartland Institute and the host of Climate Realism videos.



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American Geophysical Union Fail

The American Geophysical Union wrongly claimed climate change is harming mental health. Their argument is that climate change is leading to increased drought which harms mental health. There are many flaws with this argument,...

Rolling Stone Magazine Lies About COVID-19 and Climate Change

Rolling Stone magazine recently put out an article claiming climate change ushered in the era of COVID. This is absolutely not the case. Common sense tells you that diseases like the common cold, flu,...

Joe Biden’s Climate Plan Costs What?

People know Joe Biden's climate plan is expensive, but how expensive truly is it? Andy Singer breaks down how much his plan truly costs in the newest Climate Realism video.

The Truth About Coral Reefs

The media often proclaims that all coral reefs are dying out due to climate change. That's simply not true. While there are human behaviors that do damage coral, CO2 emissions are not one of...

Is Climate Change Decimating Coffee Production?

Google recently promoted an article to their top of their search results claiming climate change is decimating global coffee production. Is this actually the case? Andy Singer breaks down the global statistics in the...

CNN Admits Islands Aren’t Being Submerged!

For decades, CNN reported that Pacific islands would be submerged due to sea level rise. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, CNN has admitted these islands are not being submerged! In...

What’s in the Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal calls for numerous changes to society, but what are they? Well, it includes free college, public health care, high-speed rail and more! Andy Singer breaks down what the Green New...

The Green New Deal Will Make the Rich Richer

The secret of the Green New Deal is that it will make rich, politically connected elites even richer. Your average rustbelt worker will lose while those connected to politicians will win big.

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