Andy Singer

Andy Singer is the Digital Media Manager at The Heartland Institute and the host of Climate Realism videos.



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Video: CO2 is Not a Pollutant!

David Legates, professor of climatology in the Department of Geography at the University of Delaware, explains why carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. In his view, increasing CO2 levels are a net benefit to...

Video: Debunking the Climate Consensus

You're often told 97% of scientists believe global warming is happening and it's our fault. Well, this statement is a lie and Christopher Monckton will show you why.

Video: Roy Spencer Sets the Record Straight on Global Warming

Scott Denning, Ph.D. and Roy Spencer, Ph.D. debate the dangers and causes of global warming.

Video: The Insanity of Climate Alarmism

Climate alarmists go to great lengths exaggerating the dangers of “anthropogenic climate change”. Patrick Michaels, Director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, shows just how insane the alarmists...

Video: The Absurdity of Man-Made C02

Jay Lehr, Ph.D. covers the claim that carbon dioxide is the primary driver behind our climate.

Video: Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout

Dr. Patrick Moore Ph.D. was one of the co-founders of Greenpeace. After 15 years, he determined the organization had become "anti-human" and had to leave.

Video: Do Young People Think Conservatives Hate the Earth?

John Coleman, co-founder of the Weather Channel, takes a moment to address young people and their views on climate skeptics.

Video: The Hidden Truth Behind Solar Power

Steve Goreham reveals how inefficient solar energy is.

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