Sea level

Global sea level has been modestly rising since at least the mid-1800s. There has been little if any acceleration in recent decades. Humans were able to effectively adapt to sea-level rise utilizing 19th- and 20th-century technologies, and should be able to even more effectively adapt to sea-level rise utilizing 21st-century technologies.

Majority of Readers are Skeptical of Climate Alarm

A recent article on a Boston news site presented polling data of their readership's opinions on climate change, and how the alleged impacts may be mitigated. While the writer of the article seemed to...

Follow the Science: Seas Rising 20 Times Slower than the Media Claim

The prominent progressive magazine The Nation published an article today claiming the current trajectory for sea level rise is 20-or-more feet during the next 100 to 200 years. Unfortunately for The Nation, but fortunately...

No, Climate Change Will Not Destroy Boston Waterfront Living

A newly published article in the Guardian attempts to scaremonger Bostonians by claiming rising seas will inundate large swaths of Boston. Only the very wealthy will be able to pay for expensive measures to...

Sorry CNN, Regardless of Human Activity, Coastlines Grow and Retreat

CNN published a story about beachfront homes in North Carolina succumbing to coastal erosion. CNN blamed ‘climate change,’ causing rising seas, for North Carolina’s coastal erosion. This blame is misplaced. Coastal erosion and changing...