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Climate alarmism and alarmist government programs are a much greater threat to national security than climate change. The Earth’s modest recent warming appears to creating conditions that reduce factors that cause social and political upheaval. Also, expensive climate programs reduce our economic strength, making it more difficult to fund and support strong military defense.

Global warming fairy tale of the week debunked: Dying American Soldiers

Cold temperatures threaten U.S. military personnel more than heat.

No, CBS News, Global Warming Did Not Create Taliban Victory

CBS News published an article today claiming global warming was a major factor in the Taliban overrunning Afghanistan and creating murderous chaos throughout the country, rather than political ineptitude. CBS News argues that global...

NY Times Blames Afghan Crop Failures for Taliban Victory – Despite Record Crop Production

The New York Times today added its voice to the growing number of leftist media outlets blaming global warming rather than the Biden administration for the Afghanistan debacle. According to the Times, climate change...

Congressional Directive to National Academies Shows Politics Drive Climate Research

Does science drive climate policy or do politics drive climate research? The Democrat-controlled Congress is answering that question for us with a new directive telling the National Academies to establish a Climate Security Roundtable...

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