NASA Presents Testable Prediction on Climate Change – We Accept the Challenge!

The NASA website is touting new modeling projections for agriculture that forecast a dramatic decline in global corn yields. According to NASA, global corn yields per acre will decline 24 percent by the year...

No, Yale Climate Connections, Carbon Dioxide Does Not Harm Plants

Yale Climate Connections published an article this week attacking the scientific consensus, and implicitly calling all greenhouse operators idiots, by claiming adding carbon dioxide to the air harms plants and reduces crop production. Not...

Locust ‘Crisis’ Is Really About Abundant Rainfall

People, crops, livestock, and even insects thrive in conditions with more abundant food and water. Africa and the Middle East are currently enjoying abundant rainfall, benefiting each group of animals. Rather than celebrating this...

Sorry, Google News, Crop Yields Keep Growing, Not Shrinking

Among its top search results today for “climate change,” Google News is promoting a story published by Courthouse News Service claiming climate change has caused a dramatic decline in farm productivity. However, data from...

Inside Climate News Confuses Models with Reality

Inside Climate News recently published an article discussing a new model which warns of an impending global food production drop due to climate change. Climate models have proven notoriously bad at describing reality, and...

Sorry, Civil Eats, Warmer Nights and More Carbon Dioxide Are Improving Crop Production

Near the top of the list of stories produced during a Google news search for the phrase “climate change” today is report in the daily agricultural news site Civil Eats claiming modestly higher nighttime...

Reuters Claims Crop Crisis as Yields Keep Setting Records

Reuters embarrassed itself by publishing a March 20 article raising alarm about global warming impacts on crop production. The article claims climate change is imperiling global crop production, yet United Nations crop data show...

Contrary to Alarmist Claims, Modestly Warmer Nights Are Not Harming Kansas Harvests

Among the stories topping Google News search for the term “climate change,” today is a whopper from Lawrence Journal-World, warning warmer nights will decimate crop production in Kansas. The truth is just the opposite,...

U. of Nebraska Touts Ag and Climate Talk – Will It Mention Record Yields?

Nebraska Today is publicizing an April 14 virtual talk by University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) associate professor Harkamal Walia, titled “Changing Climate, Warmer Nights and Crop Yields.” Objective data show Nebraska crop yields have tremendously...

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