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Winter Snowpack Is Growing, Despite CNN Misinformation

CNN is drumming up another fake climate scare, claiming that climate change is creating a “long-term drying trend” for winter snowpack. In reality, winter...

On Temperatures and Snowfall, Antarctica Bucks Alarming Climate Predictions

Whether it’s cooling temperatures or ever growing piles of snow and ice, Antarctica continues to defy the predictions of scientists wedded to the use...

Podcast: Marc Morano: Climate Alarmists Make Absurd, Contradictory Claims on Cold and Snow

Marc Morano, director of Climate Depot, discusses the most recent absurd claim made by Al Gore. Gore, citing work by Michael Mann, shows how...
Flooding in Yellowstone causing damage to roadways.

No, Billings Gazette, Weather, Not Climate Change, Caused Yellowstone Flooding

An article in the Billings Gazette claims that severe flooding in Yellowstone National Park will become more common and frequent due to climate change....
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Thanks, Fox News, for Reporting Climate Doomsday Predictions Have Repeatedly Failed

A recent article on Fox News discussed the repeated failure of the climate doomsday predictions made by alarmists over the past few decades to...

An Awful Chilly Global Warming in the Southern Hemisphere

As the southern hemisphere shifts into the winter this year, a multitude of media outlets are claiming that recent cold snaps, record setting temperatures,...

No, NPR, Public Opinion Polls Aren’t Proof of Climate Change

National Public Radio (NPR) recently ran an article discussing the results of a poll it conducted claiming that Americans are suffering from extreme weather...

Seattle Media Complains About Persistently Cold Temperatures

The Seattle Times appears to have had its fill of persistently cold temperatures this spring, and the newspaper does not seem thrilled about a...

Wrong, LiveScience, Global Weather Not Worsening

Near the top of the search results on Google news for the term “climate change” is a story from LiveScience claiming that climate change...

Wrong, CNN, AP, NYT, etc., Climate Change Did Not Cause South Africa’s Tragic Floods

A Google news search for the term “climate change,” over the past few days turns up dozens of stories in corporate media outlets blaming...